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5 Best ‘Easy Care’ Indoor Plants for Your Home

Keen to spruce your new home up with some gorgeous indoor plants?

There are so many choices of plants to select from – it’s really exciting, but it can get a little overwhelming!

Some house plants are a little bit tricky to care for, so we’ve put together a guide of 5 of the best ‘easy care’ indoor plants for your home that you can buy. Little maintenance, but a big reward.

1. Chinese Evergreen

We love the Chinese Evergreen, an exquisite plant that looks just like a living painting.

Hardly any effort at all is required to keep this plant looking stunning.

You should keep it protected from things like the hot midday sun, so place it somewhere with indirect sunlight or low to medium lighting (check out our blog on how to get your natural lighting just right).

Give your plant some light and just a little bit of water – let the soil dry between water time and watch it beam a vibrant personality.

Chinese Evergreen

2. Coffee Arabica

There’s no plant like a coffee plant.

No, it won’t generate you a lifetime supply of coffee but you can certainly grow coffee if you decide to buy a coffee arabica tree.

If you keep it in a cosy warm spot where it can get medium light, you’ll create the perfect spot for your beautiful new plant.

Water it occasionally, but the soil naturally wants to get dry (just not too dry).

Certainly one for all the coffee fanatics out there!

3. Parlor Palm

Feeling like you want a palm tree paradise in your living room? Look no further than the parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans).

This magnificent beauty is well-known to bloom quite spectacularly when indoors.

Keeping this plant healthy requires hardly any effort at all. All you should do is grow it in some well-drained soil, and water it when the top few inches become dry (you’ll notice).

Place it in a location with average humidity, bright (but indirect) light and make sure it’s in warm location (it is, after all, a desert tree) – see our blog on how to heat and cool your home. You’ll feel like you’re sunbaking next to desert oasis in no time at all!

Parlor Palm

4. ‘Lucky’ Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a symbol of – you guessed it – luck! It’s also a symbol of wealth and is the perfect small house plant for a new home (and new beginnings).

Despite what you may hear, lucky bamboo isn’t actually bamboo.  It’s part of a different genus of plants, and you can make it twirl into all sorts of shapes whether you want a heart, a swirl or anything else.

To best care for this beauty, place it in indirect sunlight, fill its container with water to cover the roots, put it in a warm location and repot it when it outgrows the container (you don’t want an exploding pot). You’ll want to make sure your lucky bamboo soil stays slightly damp.

You can grow the whole plant in water, but you’ll want it in soil for the optimal results.

‘Lucky’ Bamboo

10. Spider Plant

This amazing plant spins webs like you’ve never seen before.

You’ll find many different varieties – ones with curling leaves, twisting leaves, multi-coloured leaves and creamy white leaves.

Place your spider plant somewhere bright and sunny, and you’ll see the exquisite forest grow quickly. Although the great thing is it’ll tolerate all sorts of light!

It also keeps water quite well – so even if you miss watering it a couple of times, it’ll be okay.

The plant grows really well in containers, pots and even hanging baskets – you can do so much with this ‘out there’ breed!

Spider Plant

Looking to build a home in the Hunter Valley?

Having some indoor plants is a fantastic way to personalise your new home.

At Hunter Designer Homes, we specialise in all things project home building and home design in the Hunter Region. We have an extensive collection of gorgeous home designs that you can browse in our catalogue.

If you’re keen to choose the best ‘easy care’ indoor plants for a forever home in the Hunter Valley, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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