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Smart Home Technology (and Why It’s Essential for Your Home)

Smart homes used to be nothing but a pipe dream some years ago. Something you would see in a science fiction movie. But now, they’re completely attainable thanks to advances in modern home technology.

If you’re moving into a new home or looking to boost your current home’s intelligence, read more about this fascinating opportunity below.

What is smart home technology?

Smart home technology refers to the technological advancement that lets you monitor and manage your home systems through novel pieces of technology, such as automation, voice activation and remote access. This will normally involve the use of interconnected devices, a variety of sensors, and technologies relying on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Put simply, having a Smart Home system will make your life a whole lot easier now and into the future.

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Why smart home technology is essential

Smart home technology is important for your home for a range of reasons. They help homeowners save time and energy and lead an easier life. More importantly, a smart home can give you peace of mind – letting you see the situation in your home in real-time.

Below we’ll outline some of the major benefits of smart homes.

Provide remote access

With a modern home, you can control and access many features even when you’re at work or away on a trip.

Did you forget to turn off the heater? Not a problem. You can log in and turn it off. Do you want the room air-conditioned before you arrive? Then you’re in luck. Remote access allows you to achieve exactly those things. In fact, you can turn a lot of items on and off remotely.

Remote access is also useful when you’re in your house. You can open or lock doors as you please, even when you’re in a totally different room. Very handy if you’ve jumped into bed and can’t remember if you locked the front & back doors. Simply use your phone to check. So easy!

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Improve energy efficiency

Many smart appliances are equipped with energy-saving capabilities. Compared to their older counterparts, they tend to use less energy when they operate.

Smart home technology can further reduce your energy usage by turning off devices that aren’t being actively used. For instance, the lights in a room may automatically turn off when built-in sensors don’t detect movement or body heat. Who doesn’t want a smaller electricity bill!

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Simplify your management

Remote controls make it possible to operate devices from a distance. Such as your television, lights or music. However, it becomes challenging if you have a number of controls for different things.

Thankfully, a smart home can deliver you another solution. With a single smart home hub, you can activate, deactivate and modify the settings of a whole range of items. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to act as a remote control. And you can even use your voice to command your home to do certain things – like turn a light off and on or the music up or down.

Automation technology is one of the best things about these intelligently connected homes. With this kind of technology, you don’t have to instruct or control your appliances. Once preprogrammed they can carry out what you want them to do at certain times without you even thinking about it.

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Boost safety and security

Burglars are more likely to invade a home with no lights on. So to minimise the risk of this happening, you can automate your lighting systems to turn on and off at certain times. This will give the illusion that someone is home. 

With remote access to your CCTV cameras, you can also monitor possible intrusion in your home when you’re away. You can activate security locks as well. 

Furthermore, many smart home devices can send alerts to your smartphone – like if someone is trying to break into your house. This is especially useful if it’s your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector are the ones sounding the alarms.

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Ask us about smart homes

Living in a smart home is very convenient but setting it up is quite complicated. The good news is that we’re here to help you choose the best options for your new home.

At Hunter Designer Homes, we can help you find the right smart home solution if you’re looking to move into a new home here in the Hunter Valley.

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