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Sea Change or Tree Change? The Hunter Region is both.

Looking to move to the beach or the bush? Fear not – you don’t have to choose between a sea change or tree change.

The Hunter Valley offers the best of both.

As more people begin to work from home, escaping the big city and retreating into a country or seaside paradise is becoming so much more appealing.

And it’s suitable for everyone – ranging from millennials to retirees.

As cities like Newcastle grow into major hubs, more and more people are moving to the Hunter Region.

Below we’ll explore exactly why you should live in the Hunter Region – and why you won’t regret it.

Why you should live in the Hunter Region

The Hunter Valley is one of the gems of New South Wales – simply because it offers the best of the ocean and the best of the bush.

It’s known for its amazing beaches, fantastic wineries and friendly towns but that’s not all! It is also springing to life with incredible work opportunities.


First, your sea change.

Beaches are abundant in the Hunter Region, ranging from small and private to big and bustling with activity. It is up to you to choose.

You can sunbake, sail against the wind, go fishing, walk the dog and spend quality time with your family.  All whilst enjoying the golden sand and clean blue ocean.

There’s the famous Merewether Beach, the serene Nobbys Beach and of course your classic Newcastle Beach. And if you’ve a friendly dog you can take advantage of the many off leash areas available all over the Hunter Region.

And guess what’s only 45 minutes away?

Beach at Newcastle


That’s right – your tree change. 

The Hunter Valley is famous for its astonishing wineries, backed by the beautiful Brokenback mountain range.

There’s hectares and hectares of natural beauty and clean, fresh air right there at your doorstep. 

And you don’t just drink wine.

You can spoil yourself with a range of delicious cheeses, oils and olives, and enjoy them all in abundance at the yearly Maitland Taste, Food, Wine and Music Festival.

But wineries aren’t just for tourists.

There are secret wineries that only the locals truly know about (like the husband-and-wife run Silkman Wines, the family-run Scarborough Wines and one of the oldest wineries in the entire country: Audrey Wilkinson).

Winery in the Hunter Valley

Affordable housing

The biggest issue when buying or building a new home is the cost and what you get for your money.  This is another area where the Hunter Region Shines with the  average medium house price being well below Sydney’s  $872,000.

You can enjoy the best of the beaches and the wineries – and still live affordably.

You can maintain a job you love and throw away the struggles of jam-packed traffic, all the while breathing in the fresh air.

And not only that – house prices in the Hunter due to post-COVID popularity are expected by some to boom. Just another reason to move there.

Site Costs

Thousands of people are moving to the Hunter Region

People are realising the sea change and tree change wonders of the Hunter – in the thousands.

Around 104,000 people moved to the Hunter Valley between 2001 to 2017.

In July 2020, the Regional Australia Institute released its report, The Big Movers: Understanding Population Mobility in Regional Australia.

It found that Newcastle was one of the Top #3 regional destinations millennials moved during the previous Census period. Maitland and Lake Macquarie were also right up on the list.

We don’t expect the numbers to fall any time soon.

A recent NBN Co Survey found that up to 26% of residents living in NSW were considering relocation after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over half of these wanted to move to a regional area.

couple moving a couch

Convinced? Embrace a sea change or tree change (or both) in the Hunter Region today.

Now you know why you should live in the Hunter Valley, it’s time to do it.

At Hunter Designer Homes, we’re a project home builder that builds amazing new homes across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and the entire Hunter Region.

With professional, sleek and modern designs we’re sure you’ll love, you can plan your move to the Hunter Valley today.

Get in touch with us to decide on your new home – and your new future.

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